Laser cutting on a Trotec Speedy 300

So the kids and I was playing around with this sweet laser printer we got in:

The general workflow is to develop a vector image on your desktop, transfer the file to the laser workstation via usb stick, open it up in illustrator and print to the Trotec.

To startup we made a simple circle which ended up being my beer coaster:

You can see the MDF used is obviously sensitive to water, so ideally you’d varnish it up to last.

The next step we brought out some .141″ mystery wood to cut and practice some more etching. The wood adjustments in the Trotec library left something to be desired, so we just picked oak and went for it. The overall result was pretty sweet:


The main issue I ran into was the bird didn’t initially cut through, so I had to make a quick had to the original file to delete the inner etching fill so it would just rerun the cut and not re-etch.

The bird design came from one of the Ponoko template designs available at


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